What to expect from this blog

A few stories that you might find on this blog over the next three months:

Interview with a Matchmaker

As the stigma attached to online-dating rapidly evaporates, more people are turning to the likes of Match.com and eHarmony to find their one and only; according to Online Dating Magazine, around 20 million people visit online dating sites each month. In an environment like this, one might assume that the old tradition of “Matchmaking” has all but disappeared. Not so, says the New York Times: the industry is actually booming. I’d like to speak with a few matchmakers to discuss their business, and why they think it’s a better alternative to both traditional and online dating.

The Mail-Order Bride Is Real

If you thought the mail-order bride was just the stuff of movies and bad jokes, get ready for this: the Today show reports that the U.S. “international matchmaking” industry estimated a $2 billion revenue in 2010.  I want to speak with the founders of the largest mail-order bride companies in the States, as well as to some of their clients, to find out how the process works. Additionally, I would want to speak to several organizations focused on protecting immigrant women, who are adamantly against this industry.

A Night Out with a Professional Wingwoman

Forget wingmen: wingwomen are the new standard for guys looking to meet single ladies out at bars or clubs. Fortunately for those men with few female friends, there are several services happy to set you up with a fun, outgoing woman whose job it is to help you meet girls. Having been approached by one recently, I think it would be interesting to interview a few of these women, and perhaps spend a night out on the town with them while they are working.

The Exclusive New Dating Site Hooking up New York College Students

One of the latest entries into the online dating market: “Date My School,” a website dedicated exclusively to setting up Columbia, NYU, and FIT students. I would like to do an interview with the site’s founders, and perhaps also talk to a few of the people who have actually used the service.

… along with other daily thoughts, random observations, and interesting links to stories on the state of modern love, dating, and romance.


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