The Stay-at-Home Girlfriend Trend?

Apparently, this is a thing now: Gothamist reports on a recent blog post by a self-described “stay-at-home girlfriend” (SAHG) that’s causing a tizzy amongst feminist groups everywhere. In the post, blogger Quiana Stokes describes her daily routine — most of which revolves around pleasing her boyfriend. “That’s how I was raised,” Stokes writes.

Gothamist’s commentary emphasizes the worst bits of Stokes’ post, and, for sure, she’s a pretty easy target. From staying toned and body-hair-free, to making sure her man has a cold glass of beer waiting for him when he gets home, her description of her average day sounds like it could have been from a 1960’s teen magazine.

However, Stokes does say that she spends a large portion of her day sending out resumes (she lost her job last year) and makes a point to meet up with friends and have “me time” as well. And she sounds like she’s pretty happy with her life.

So, it’s not really as retro as it seems. Personally, if it makes the girl happy, she should keep doing it.

Click here to read Stokes’ post on Brokelyn >


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