Study Shows that Men Don’t Mind if Their Partner Cheats – With Another Woman

Here is some interesting research, presented in today’s New York Times: a recent study suggests that men care less about infidelity if the cheating is done with another woman.

From the NYT:

How often it happened and with how many people was immaterial, according to the study. What mattered was with whom. Men’s likelihood of continuing to date a girlfriend if she had been unfaithful with a woman was 50 percent, on average. But if she had cheated on him with another man, that likelihood plummeted to 22 percent.

The same finding did not hold true for women, who were only 28% likely to stay with their partners in the case of heterosexual cheating, a number which dropped to 21% if the indiscretion was of the homosexual kind.

The researchers cite evolution as the main reason for this finding. In terms of pure biology, men aren’t threatened by girl-on-girl action, because no offspring can come out of it.

Read the whole post over at the NYT >


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