A Digital Tool for the Modern Secret Admirer

You have a crush. Your crush has a significant other. You pine away, waiting for the breakup, so you can be ready to swoop in with open arms. It’s an age-old scenario — and it just got a digital upgrade.

Now, tech-savvy secret admirers have a tool that makes the waiting game a whole lot easier: a new Facebook app called the Breakup Notifier, which alerts you whenever your crush changes his or her relationship status.

The premise is brilliantly simple. You select the friend (or friends!) you’re crushing on, and, if and when that individual changes their relationship status, you’ll get an e-mail notification of the break-up. Immediately.

Sound a bit stalker-ish? I think it’s practical for our generation. After all, in the digital age, it’s all about timeliness.

Click here to check out the Facebook Breakup Notifier >


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